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Interested in the CarsArrive Network Fuel Card Program?
Here's all you need to know: With the CarsArrive Network Fuel Card Program, you'll get the SAVINGS and CONVENIENCE you've been waiting for! You'll save BIG when using your new card to pay for fuel, maintenance and other fleet expenses. Packed with pre-negotiated fuel discounts and industry-leading security, the CarsArrive Network Fuel Card Program allows you to focus on your most important goal – growing your business!

The CarsArrive Network Fuel Card Program will bring you these instant benefits:

  • Savings
  • Card Benefits
  • Sign Up
  • Mobile Fuel App
  • Card Management/Payments
  • Contacts

With the CarsArrive Network Fuel Card Program, you'll get the SAVINGS and network COVERAGE you’ve been waiting for! Here's all you need to know:

ZERO transaction fees


Huge Nationwide DISCOUNTS

We have partnered with some of the best truck stop companies in North America. Take a look at our partners and their impressive discounts!

7¢ off per gallon

cost plus 3¢ discount = *average of 21¢ off per gallon

between 2¢ -10¢ off per gallon, based on location

All Roads Network

Accepted at over 70,000 retail and convenient store locations nationwide. Receive discounts at an *average of 15¢ per gallon at over 11,000 locations. All Roads has many participants, here are just a few:


Circle K


Casey’s General Stores


Kangaroo Express

Kum & Go

We’ve got you covered – Enjoy SAVINGS at over 14,000 locations!

*Out of network fees apply.

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Accepted at 99% of truck stops, and over 70,000 retail fueling locations nationwide.

Convenience and Safety of paying CASH price, without the risk of carrying cash!

FREE online account management. View transactions, order new cards, make changes to your account, and print detailed transaction reports so you can stop saving receipts.

Ability to pay your drivers by transferring money or providing cash on the fly!

Mobile App - Displays CarsArrive fuel discounts nearby, or on the way to your destination.

Fuel Card Payment Method - Haul a vehicle for CarsArrive and get paid directly to your CarsArrive Fuel Card!

IFTA Fuel Tax is automatically calculated for all of your fuel purchases.

Funding options - Apply for a line of credit or choose a prepaid card & get started today!

Control & Security

  • Driver Personal Identification Number (PIN) to protect against fraudulent purchases.
  • Assign driver & unit information, add units & drivers, and turn cards on or off.
  • Online Account Management - Ability to set daily spending limits for individual cards, and monitor all fuel card transactions in real time.
  • View billing history reports, outstanding invoices, account balances, and payments.

Start realizing the benefits and reducing your diesel fuel costs!
Apply for our new CarsArrive Fuel Card today.

For your convenience, CarsArrive Network offers two types of fuel cards to meet your needs. Choose the one that works best for your company's fuel purchases!

Line of Credit: Apply for a line of credit secured by WEX Bank. Invoices are paid weekly, terms are 7 days. You may choose which day of the week your payment is due to best fit your needs. Any applications that do not pass credit will automatically be set up as a Prepaid Account.

Prepaid Card: Choose to prefund your account by depositing funds directly to your card.

  • Customer Funding - You will fund the fuel card by sending funds directly to your account at WEX Fleet One. There are multiple ways to fund the card including Online Payments, Electronichek, Customer Initiated ACH, 3rd Party Checks, Wire Transfer, Western Union and more. (Click on the Payment tab for a complete list of payment options, processing times and any applicable fees)
  • CarsArrive Network Funding – This is offered as a payment option for CarsArrive Network carriers. Haul a car today and CarsArrive Network will fund the card for the amount of the invoice!
  • WEX Fleet One Factoring Funding – Sell your invoices to WEX Fleet One Factoring and receive same-day fuel card funding. WEX Fleet One Factoring advances as much as 95% of the invoice amount and holds the balance in reserve. Once they collect the full balance of the invoice from your customer, they return the reserve balance, less a small fee for assuming the credit risk.

Sign up for a CarsArrive Fuel Card today and you'll start saving immediately!

CLICK HERE to fill out an online application.

CLICK HERE to request more information on the CarsArrive fuel card, and a representative will contact you within 1 business day.

Call (866) 457-2277 ext. 8181 to speak with a CarsArrive representative.

The Fleet One Mobile allows you to search and locate our discount fuel providers from the nationwide directory, and find the lowest fuel prices along your route, or in your immediate proximity. You can also view each fueling site’s address, phone number, and your CarsArrive discounted price in contrast to the current retail price. Fleet One Mobile makes guessing where to purchase fuel a thing of the past!

Features Include

Trip Search - Displays the lowest fuel prices on the way to your specific destination.

Sites Near Me - Identifies the cheapest fuel based on your current location.

Search Price/Distance - Filter search results by what’s most important at the time.

Compare - View the CarsArrive Fuel Card discounted price vs retail price.

Duo-View - Displays fuel locations on an interactive map or as a sorted list.

Directions - Get step-by-step directions to the location you choose… and more!

For more information or to apply today, contact CarsArrive / carsarrive.com / 866.353.8577

* Registration required for CarsArrive Network pricing. Retail fuel prices may not be available on all sites, posted fuel prices represent the most current information available, actual site retail prices may differ.

Online Account Management

CarsArrive Network makes the card management process easier and more convenient. Visit the Online Account Management System – a free, easy-to-use, web-based way to manage your account. Log in at www.fleetone.com

Access your account securely and enjoy the benefits of:

Online Purchase Controls - Identify, control and monitor all purchases in real time.

Card Maintenance - Assign driver & unit information, add units & drivers, and turn cards on or off.

View Account Information - View billing history reports, outstanding invoices, credit lines, balance and payments received.

Electronic Payments - Use AutoPay, Internet Pay, or an ElectroniChek to pay your invoices or fund your Prepay account.

Taxes - IFTA Fuel Tax is automatically calculated for all of your fuel purchases.

Click here to watch video tutorials.

Payment Center

With the CarsArrive fuel card, you'll have multiple options to pay your invoice or prepay your account. You decide what payment method is most convenient for you!

CLICK HERE to download a copy of our Payment Roadmap.

CarsArrive worked hard, using the power of our fleet of 70,000 independently owned trucks, to obtain the LOWEST FEES OF ANY FUEL CARD ON THE MARKET.


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The teams at CarsArrive Network and WEX Fleet One are willing to answer any questions you might have, don't hesitate contact us!

CarsArrive Contact Information:

(866) 457-227 ext 8181

WEX Fleet One Contact Information:

Customer Care:
Voice: 800-359-7587

Touch Tone Automated System:
Voice: 800-497-7587,

Voice: 877-275-8801
Fax: 877-263-6700

Sales New Account Sign-Up:
Voice: 866-353-8577

Credit References:
Fax: 1-877-254-3583

Voice: 877-251-7639
Fax: 877-371-7587, 877-381-7587

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