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Savings, Convenience and Control

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With the CarsArrive Network Over-The-Road (OTR) Fuel Card Program, you'll get the SAVINGS and CONVENIENCE you've been waiting for!

You'll save BIG when using your new card to pay for fuel, maintenance and other fleet expenses. Packed with pre-negotiated fuel discounts and industry-leading security, the CarsArrive Network OTR Fuel Card Program allows you to focus on your most important goal – growing your business! The CarsArrive Network OTR Fuel Card Program will bring you these instant benefits:




Start realizing the benefits and reducing your diesel fuel costs!
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Fuel Card Overview

You don't have to purchase vast quantities of fuel or products, JUST SWIPE YOUR CARD AND BEGIN SAVING IMMEDIATELY! In addition to huge discounts with our Partners, you’ll also receive everyday rebates with the CarsArrive Network fuel card. This card program is designed to help all of our carriers reduce their "pain at the pump". There is no obligation to use the card; this is simply CarsArrive’s way to bring you the savings you deserve.

"I was a small, independent, over-the-road car hauler for nearly 15 years. To my knowledge, nothing like this program has ever been created before, specifically to help the small car haul operators. CarsArrive and WEX Fleet One have built a national fuel discount program by leveraging our network of 50,000 car haulers. It’s something we here at CarsArrive have been passionate about since the company began back in 2000. Our independent North American car haul companies have always deserved a program like this, and it’s finally here thanks to this partnership.  We are beyond excited to save these drivers their hard-earned dollars. We want to help them manage and enjoy these discounts so they can, in turn, reinvest in their equipment and businesses.” - Michael Briggs, President, CEO and Founder of CarsArrive Network, Inc.






Savings, Convenience and Control

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The CarsArrive OTR Fuel Card is accepted at more than 99% of truck stops in the U.S. View our Merchant Acceptance Directory for locations along your route. The column labeled "Rebate" will indicate the amount of discount per Truck Stop.  The list can be downloaded into excel by clicking on the "Download This List" or by selecting a specific state from the drop down and then downloading the list. 

Fleet One Mobile is a must-have for all CarsArrive OTR cardholders.  Search and locate accepting merchants from our nationwide directory. Find the lowest fuel price along the way to your destination or within your immediate proximity.   View each site's retail fuel price or your fleet's negotiated fuel pricing in contrast to retail.


Download Fleet One Mobile today and maximize the benefits of your Fleet One account. *Registration required for Fleet Fuel pricing.  Retails fuel prices may not be available on all sites, posted fuel prices represent the most current information available, actual site retail prices may differ.



We also provide video tutorials to help walk you through this convenient service.
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For a detailed description of each payment option, please download our Payment Summary sheet. CarsArrive worked hard, using the power of our fleet of 50,000 independently owned trucks, to obtain the LOWEST FEES OF ANY FUEL CARD ON THE MARKET. Click here to see the full fee schedule.

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The teams at CarsArrive Network and WEX Fleet One are willing to answer any questions you might have, don't hesitate contact us!

CarsArrive Contact Information:

(866) 457-CARS (2277) Option 2, Option 2 to speak with the Accounting Department
(866) 457-CARS (2277) Option 2, Option 1 to speak with the Carrier Setup Department

WEX Fleet One Contact Information:

Customer Care: CustomerCare@FleetOne.com
Voice: 800-359-7587

Sales New Account Sign-Up: Sales@FleetOne.com
Voice: 866-353-8577

Touch Tone Automated System
Voice:800-497-7587, 800-467-7587

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Permits: Permits@FleetOne.com
Voice: 877-251-7639
Fax: 877-371-7587, 877-381-7587

OTR Merchants: MerchantSupport@FleetOne.com

Products & Services: Info@FleetOne.com

Technical / Online Account Maintenance Issues: Ops-FleetOne@FleetOne.com